Accompany Cities in Energy Strategy
Horizon Scanning the European Bioeconomy
Bioplastics from the grapes wastes to the package
Bologna Carbon Market
Adaptation service for regional assessment of climate risks
Climate Smart Agriculture Booster
Efficient and Reliable Gallium-Nitride Power Converters
Inclusive use of electric cars in social housing neighbourhoods
Pluvial flood hazard and risk assessment and mitigation in European cities
Processing satellite Observations to Locate Illegal Crop water Exploitation
PRediction of the impact of climate change and urban sprawl on ECOsystem Services
Smart bLack carbon (BC) and polycyclic aromAtic hydrocarbons (PAHs) Monitor
Smart and Sustainable Restaurants in Europe: market opportunity pathfinder
Sustainable Mobility Data Integration and Analysis
Telecommunication Big Data for heavy rain monitoring in urban area
Energy, Buildings and Mobility
Trento Smart Infrastructures
Adapt, through tailored weather-related forecast, the water and energy operations to the increased weather fluctuations and to climate change
Adaptation service for regional maintenance of forest areas in Emilia-Romagna